5 Simple Tips to Overcome Distractions

5 Simple Tips to Overcome Distractions

Check out these 5 super simple tips to further equip you to avoid distractions:

1.  Plan shorter tasks or break them up

This allows you to wrap things up within a shorter timeframe while staying focused and motivated.

With each step completed, you feel more productive and eager to start on a new task.

2.  Do a digital detox once a week

The best time to do this is on weekends. Simply unplug from all your technology for 5-6 hours and just learn to live without it. It’s just like fasting but in this case, you abstain from the consumption of technology.

It’s one of the best ways to destress and calm your brain. You can choose to build up and over time you can digitally fast for a whole day!

This will bolster your quick fix for avoiding social media and cell phone distractions. Over time, you’ll realize something amazing: you can live without technology – and social media!

3.  Make sure you’re comfortable. 

An uncomfortable position not only wreaks havoc on your posture but can be an unconscious distraction that affects focus and concentration. Make sure you’re seated comfortably and that your back is straight. The need to constantly fidget and change your position can really affect the quality of your work.

Don’t skimp on a good-quality chair and make sure your desk, computer monitor, and keyboard are at the right level to prevent you from craning your neck or bending forward. Make sure you also have room to stretch out your legs comfortably.

4.  Do brain teasers and solve puzzles

This is a fun but powerful way to boost your overall cognitive function. Brain teasers and puzzles improve memory, critical thinking, concentration, and mental clarity. They’re the perfect workout for building your mental muscle!

They also train your brain to be immersed in deep thought, making you less open to distractions.

5.  Sleep well

Nothing balances and regenerates the brain and body like a good night’s sleep. In a nutshell, a well-rested brain will not only perform at its peak but will also protect you from distractions.


How many of these distractions are part of your daily life? The more of them you identify, the more you’ll understand why you’re not functioning at your peak. The quick fixes offered for each distraction will enable you to start boosting your productivity today. Most importantly, as you consistently practice these methods, they’ll cease being quick fixes – they’ll become lasting habits.

The result is that these 10 common distractions will be permanently banished from your life.

Living without distractions will guarantee that your days become significantly more stress-free, peaceful, and fulfilling. This is the perfect foundation for peak productivity and amazing success. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that eliminating distractions from your life will enable you to achieve your personal greatness!

Published By CGP Institute of Success James MoField … Founder


Published by James MoField

Freelancer, Marketer, Investor, Director of Digital Products Acquisition and CEO.

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