Why It’s Important To Build A Mailing List

Why Marketers Don’t Earn As Much As They Should

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You may ask: Why build a list? It’s

simple really.

When you build a list, you are actually build-

ing trust. People opt into your list and give

you their email addresses simply because they

trust you. At first, they may want the free e-

book or offer found at your squeeze page

but as you offer them good content and value,

they begin to give you credibility and view

you as an expert in the niche.

There after, when you have collected a sizable

number of people’s emails in you list, you can

slowly start to offer them your products and

affiliate links, but again, don’t over do them.

People get very turned off with persistent

badgering. I should know, because I’ve had

awful encounters with horrible sales people

and I never want to buy their product ever


Fortunately, you will be taught the correct

way to build a proper list as well as keeping

your customers happy and yourself, very

well paid!

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