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It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, every day, we are bombarded with a plethora of negative messages. These negative messages come through the media, through our daily social interactions, and through our surroundings. In the long run, this can be incredibly harmful to our minds because the negative messages that we are confronted with daily can inhibit us from finding fulfillment and becoming our true selves. Often, these negative messages will turn into limiting beliefs that will ultimately hold us back from achieving our goals and realizing our dreams. They can even cause you to experience unnecessary stress and anxiety.

To keep your limiting beliefs from imposing more and more unwanted limitations on your daily life and goals, you need to bypass the negative mindset that you’ve adopted and shift to optimism and positivity.

Why is it essential to adopt a positive mindset? What you attract into your life is highly dependent on what you think and talk about most of the time, as well as the beliefs that you hold in your mind. This means that;

being positive will attract more positive experiences and outcomes in your life, while negativity will attract more of the opposite.

Implementing a practice of repeating positive affirmations every day can help you attract and manifest everything you desire in life.

What Are Affirmations?

Every thought that you think and every word that you say is an affirmation. Your words and thoughts are declarations of who you think you are as a person, and how you perceive the world around you to be.

We make affirmations, both positive and negative, all the time without thinking about it. However, the problem with this is that many of these affirmations are negative.

Unfortunately, the more you repeat these negative affirmations, the more powerful they ultimately become. After a time they end up establishing themselves as a part of your core beliefs and can be incredibly challenging to break.

When negative beliefs establish themselves as your core beliefs, they can cause you to have mental blocks about everything in your life.

This, in turn, causes you to blame yourself for everything that goes wrong in your life, which ultimately results in you self-sabotaging everything that you try to accomplish.

This cycle of negativity only ends up further affirming your beliefs.

Breaking away from negative thinking isn’t an easy task. The greater your negative view, the harder they will be to overcome. However, the good news is that you can overcome them and develop a more positive mindset that will eventually help you attract and manifest everything you desire.

Uncover Your Mental Blocks

Before you can use positive affirmations to attract your desires, you have to consider the mental blocks that might be stopping you from moving forward.

Many of the mental blocks that you have formed during your childhood and adolescence. For example, do you believe all wealthy people are selfish with bad intentions, then you may very well have a mental block about making money?


While your rational conscious mind knows what you need to do to reach your dreams, subconsciously you are sabotaging any progress you make.

How Positive Affirmations Can Help

Just like negative affirmations have the power to brainwash you, so do positive affirmations.

This is because your subconscious mind happily accepts anything that you feed it. Unlike the conscious mind, it is unable to question what you are telling it. Most of the reactions that you have to situations are a result of your subconscious mind. If you don’t believe that you are worthy of success and happiness, there will always be one thing or another that will block your path to manifesting your greatest desires.

Reciting positive affirmations daily can help to unblock pathways so that you can start to attract more positive energy.

While the process won’t be instantaneous, with time, you can completely shift your mindset and start manifesting your dreams and achieving your goals. The length of time that it will take to accomplish this will all depend on how deeply ingrained your limiting beliefs are. The process could take months before you start to feel
differently and notice a positive change in your life. However, it typically takes 30 days to form new habits and change a way of thinking.

When you can start to see everything in a different light, and you continue to affirm your new belief system daily, those new thoughts and beliefs will stay with you. You must remember that the more you affirm a belief or thought, the deeper that belief or thought becomes.

Making Your Daily Affirmations

Strong positive affirmations are a powerful means of transforming yourself and your life, and they are the critical element in being able to create the life that you desire. They work by purposely replacing the limiting ideas, negative beliefs, and negative self-talk that you have taken on internalized over the years with positive statements that assert who you want to be and how you want to experience life.

For your positive affirmations to be genuinely useful, you have to make sure that you are creating and using them correctly.

Affirmations are incredibly personal, and no two goals will be exactly the same. This means that you need to sit down and take some time to think about the areas in the life that you want to improve. Then, start by picking just one area and work out what you need to do to bring about positive changes in your life, and use the following guideline to create your positive affirmations.

Start with the Words “I Am”

These two words, “I am” are the two most powerful words in the language. Since the subconscious mind can’t differentiate between reality and imagination, it takes any sentence that starts with these two words and interprets it as a command or a directive to do what it needs to make it happen.

Use the Present Tense

Again, because the subconscious mind is unable to distinguish between reality and imagination, framing your affirmation in the present tense as though you already have it, the subconscious will start to work on it to ensure that it becomes a reality. For example, rather than saying, “I am going to get a new red Camaro,” instead say, “I am enjoying driving my new red Camaro.”

State What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want.

You always want your affirmations to be stated in the positive. The subconscious mind isn’t able to hear the word “no,” so if your affirmation is “I don’t want to be fat,” all it hears is “I want to be fat.”

You need to be sure to structure your affirmations so that they only express what you want to change and place your focus on the intended outcome. You should also avoid using the word “want” because it implies the lack, that you don’t have something, which can cause your affirmations to be ineffective.

Keep It Brief

You don’t want to create affirmations that are so long and complicated that you forget what you need to say. Keep them short and to the point. You want to think of your affirmations as a short advertising jingle that you can easily remember.

Make it Specific

You want to make sure that your affirmations are as specific as possible. When affirmations are vague, they produce ambiguous results. For instance, rather than stating, “I am driving my new red sports car,” use “I am driving my new red Porsche 911.”

Include an Action Word Ending with -ing.

Including an action word ending with -ing adds power to the effect of your affirmation by evoking in your subconscious mind an image of you doing it right now. If your affirmation is, “I express myself openly and honestly,” you can add an action word ending with -ing to make it more powerful, like, “I am confidently expressing myself openly and honestly.”

Include at Least One Dynamic Feeling or Emotion.

You need to include the emotional state you would be feeling if you had already achieved what you desire. Some of the more common words you can add are joyful, enjoying, celebrating, proudly, happily, calmly, delighted, peacefully, enthusiastically, securely, lovingly, serenely, and triumphantly. Instead of making the statement, “I am maintaining my perfect body weight of 168 pounds,” you can phrase it as, “I am feeling agile and great at 168!”

Make the Affirmations for Yourself and Not Others.

When you construct your affirmations, you want to be sure that they are describing your behavior and not someone else’s. So rather than stating, “I am watching Steven clean up his room,” create your affirmation like, “I am effectively communicating my needs and desires to Steven.”

Work Your Affirmations Into Your Routine.

If you want your positive affirmations to be effective and work for you, then you need to repeat them on a regular basis, ideally at least once a day, because as bestselling author Gretchen Rubin once said, “What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while.” While using your positive affirmations daily is recommended, the timing of when you do them will depend on you and your specific needs.

When determining what time to say your positive affirmations, you want to ask yourself the following questions:• What time of the day do you feel you need the most encouragement? In the mornings? After work? • When do you typically need to de-stress or relax? Before getting on a phone call? After a challenging conversation? • In what types of situations do you need to shift your mindset? While you are Waiting in line at the bank? While sitting in traffic?

Once you’ve determined the best time during your day to repeat your positive affirmations, start incorporating your practice into your daily routine.

You could repeat them while you are drinking your morning cup of coffee or tea, during your morning commute, before going to bed, or whenever you need a pick-me-up. Keeping your practice consistent will help you turn it into a habit that will ultimately impact your life and help you manifest all your heart’s desires.

Use the Methods That Are Most Effective for You.

Positive affirmations are all about visualizing the possibilities in your life and building the belief that you can have the life that you desire. There are a lot of ways that you can use affirmations, including having them around you, writing them down, or saying them out loud.

You can post your affirmations around you by creating a screensaver on your phone and computer, or you can print them out and place them around your home, office, and car. You can also put them on a 3×5 card and place them in your wallet for easy retrieval when needed. If you choose to say them out loud, you can repeat them confidently and enthusiastically in front of the mirror, or while you are in the shower or getting ready for work. If you want to write them down, you can choose to write them down over and over again, or journal about your thoughts on the affirmations. There is no right way to use your positive affirmations, but it is essential that you use them every day.


Positive affirmations have been proven to be an incredibly powerful tool for helping people shift their mindset and maintain their optimistic attitude, along with assisting people in manifesting their greatest desires so they can live the life they’ve always dreamed. Regardless of which affirmations you use or how you decide to use them, learn to be excited about the positive changes they will make in your life and be proud of yourself for taking the necessary steps to improve your life and get everything you’ve ever wanted.

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