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Building a massive mailing list is one of the very best ways for an affiliate marketer to invest their time. If done well, this can create the opportunity to directly interact with a huge audience of potential buyers and to build up the anticipation and buzz surrounding a product.
But just having that mailing list is not enough. To really be successful, you need to know how to write e-mails that get read and that encourage buys. So how do you do that?
Don’t Promote
The first tip is to be wary of being too overtly promotional. Think about your own inbox: no doubt you’re absolutely sick of all the spam and marketing messages you get. You’re probably somewhat unlikely to open yet another promotional message then, even if you did sign up for it!
Instead, focus on the value that your message is going to offer. If you’ve built your mailing list well, then it should be filled with people who are interested in the niche that you’re talking about. As such, you should be able to market to them efficiently as long as you focus on the value proposition and the topic.
Think of useful tips, novel insights and fascinating discussions and then flaunt these in your subject headings. This is no different from the title of an article!
Be Personal
That said, messages that land in an inbox will feel innately more personal. Make sure then that you address this by making your e-mails sound more personal as well – for instance by using the recipients name or making it sound more conversational.
Keep it Brief
Keep in mind that most e-mail clients will show a maximum of 50 characters in their subject lines. If you write anything longer than this as your heading, then it won’t get seen and you may lose a click as a result.
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