How To Become An Alpha And Authoritative

From “Timeless Principals For Your Optimal Success”

There are many examples of successful people that we want to emulate and many ways in which a person can make themselves appear more successful and up-together.
For guys though, one of the best things you can become is an ‘alpha male’. The alpha male is someone who is confident, who is powerful and who commands respect among their peers. This is someone who is accomplished and who others look up to. On top of all that, he is someone who has unstoppable confidence and who gives off a sense of machismo.
So how do you become one?
What it Takes to be Alpha
The key to becoming alpha lies in understanding the effect that evolution has had on our psychology. Evolution tells us that all of our modern traits originally got to be the way they are by evolving. That is to say that we are the way we are because nature selected for those traits. These were the traits that helped our ancestors to survive and thrive and thus they were passed on to us.
This doesn’t just apply to physical traits though but also to psychological traits and the way we socialize.
So, a woman will look for a man who is able to protect her and her offspring and to provide good genetic material. Men will look up to an individual who is a confident leader and able to help them find food, shelter and mates.
This is the alpha male.
While our environment is very different today, this is still what it means to be alpha. It is still your job to give off an impression of being cool and in-command if you want to be considered alpha by others.
So how do you do this?
The Key: Stop Trying to Impress Others
The most important key to becoming alpha is to stop trying to impress others. This is something that many of us don’t quite understand and this is why we often end up coming across as needy and clingy. Someone who desperately wants to be liked and wants to be ‘cool’ in their group might try to impress others by telling them how great they are.
Someone who wants to be liked by women might try to impress them by doting on them and flattering them.
Both these actions send the same signal: you want those people to like you, thus you consider them to be higher on the food chain.
As soon as you can drop this need and start acting as someone who is happy in themselves no matter what other people think… that’s when you become alpha. In order to lead, you must first stop following.

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