The Organized Life Checklist

The Organized Life Checklist

Do you feel like your life is often out of control? Do you feel as if you’re struggling to focus on any single task because of all the chaos in your head? The problem could be all the mental and physical clutter in your life. When you organize your mind, you can take back your life and begin to improve your overall wellness.

The Clutter Effect – What is It?

We usually think of clutter in terms of physical mess, but although that does have something to do with disorganization in your mind and in your life, there are other types of clutter too. Emotional and mental clutter can have an equally negative impact on your overall well-being too, preventing you from concentrating, being productive and living the best life that you can. You need to have a clear understanding of the different types of clutter that can get in the way of an organized life so that you can take steps to address them and make progress towards a simpler and happier future.

A Cluttered Home Leads To A Cluttered Mind – Clearing The Mess

The most obvious form of clutter that you experience in everyday life is physical mess in your home. Mounds of clothing on chairs in the bedroom, piles of magazines on the coffee table, and paperworking mounting up on the countertop – all can get out of control resulting in a whole lot of chaos in your living environment.

Chaos in the home – a place that is meant to be a tranquil and restful haven – leads to chaos in the mind, and the more disorganized your surroundings, the less organized your mind becomes. Luckily, there are ways to tackle the mess:

 Address one room or one area at a time

 Prepare in advance with separate boxes for sorting items

 Tackle the floors, closets, shelves, drawers and cabinets separately.

Finish one job thoroughly before starting the next.

 Be ruthless and get rid of any items you no longer want, need or will

ever use again.

 Invest in storage solutions and use the available space wisely

 Get help from friends, family members or professionals

Dealing With Clutter In The Workplace

Physical clutter in the workplace has a negative effect on your productivity and motivation. Not only that, it creates a negative impression of your organization. Add to that the extra stress that it places on you when you can’t find anything you’re looking for and can’t focus properly on the task in hand and it’s clear that organizing the office is vital.

Tackle the mess by:

 Clearing your desk, getting rid of any trash and putting away items in

the correct location

 Devising an effective filing and storage system

 Keeping surfaces as clear as possible and removing visual distractions

 De-cluttering your hard drive, computer desktop and email folders by

deleting anything unnecessary and devising an effective system of storage for the rest

How To Organize Your Life

Many people struggle to recognize the clutter in their lives that is causing them to lose control and focus, and to struggle with mental health issues. To organize your life you need to:

 Begin to reduce your commitments and obligations. Decide if each

activity, event and invitation is something you need or want to do before you commit.

 Limit your usage of social media so you reduce the amount of time you

waste and improve your feelings of self-esteem and self-worth.

 Reconsider your daily routines and find out where the pain points are. Can you address them by changing your schedule to better

accommodate your personality, lifestyle and needs?

 Don’t be afraid to say no to things you don’t want or need to do.

Dealing With Friendship Organization

Toxic and unhelpful friendships can have a seriously negative impact on your life, causing mental disorganization that is hard to overcome. You can address this by:

 Identifying friendships that are toxic. If a so-called friend is always

bringing you down rather than building you up, you need to be aware

of that.

 Identify, too, the friendships that are good for you so that you can

nurture them.

 Take steps to eliminate or reduce your exposure to toxic friends. Start

limiting your contact with them, unfollow them on social media and

find ways to escape their negativity in public.

 Help your positive friendships to thrive by spending quality time

together, listening to what they have to share and sharing opinions in an environment of mutual respect.

Clearing Your Mind

You should now be able to see the benefits of clearing your mind and bringing more organization into your life. You will feel:

 More in control

 Happier

 Less stressed

 Healthier physically and mentally

 More focused

 More productive

How To Begin Practicing Organizing Your Life

It can be difficult to know how to get started with organizing your life. Of course, we have given helpful tips above about how to begin sorting physical and mental clutter in the home, at work and in your personal life. However, how do you remove all of the clutter that has built up in your head that is impeding you and preventing you from moving on? Here are some tips:

 Start journaling your thoughts and feelings or write a diary to get those emotions out of your head and out onto paper

 Learn how to let go of the things, both physical and mental, that you’re clinging onto

 Avoid multitasking and focus on a single thought, task or problem at a time so that you can feel more productive and get more done

 Make decisions and then stick to them. Wavering over the choices that you make will only lead to further disorganization

 Be kind to yourself. Make time for self-care and nurture your own well- being

When you learn how to organize the different elements of your life, from your home and workplace to your friendships and your mind, you will find that, little by little, you take back control. As a result, you can enjoy a better, happier and more fulfilled life where you can achieve more and, above all, enjoy more.

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