Why Your Facebook Group Is Not Thriving
Let’s face it: a lot of businesses simply miss the point when it comes to internet marketing and especially when it comes to social media marketing.
If you have a Facebook group but it hasn’t made any progress/isn’t seeing any activity, then there’s a strong chance you might fall into that category. Read on to see what you’re doing wrong and how to course-correct.
Have a Point
Too many companies believe that the best way to promote themselves is to set up a bland and boring brand and then to post about how great they are. Think I’m joking or exaggerating? Just take a look at the number of companies that have blue and white logos that are mainly text, with vague names that don’t make it clear exactly what they do (empowering individuality, teamwork, and synergy in all sectors!
There is simply no incentive and no emotional pull for people to sign up to a Facebook group belonging to such a business. People join groups because they believe in a brand and because they want to support it/learn more about the topic. If your brand is just Generic Business, then who is going to want to hear more from you? Do not be so safe: know who you are talking to, and dare to show some personality.
Provide Value
These same companies often have Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and Facebook groups where they just post bland statements about their own company:
ŇVexSoft makes the top financial monitoring solutions in the industry!
Have you tried our new accounting features?
Things like this provide zero value to the user, they don’t encourage conversation, and they simply lack any real value. Would you stay in a group that did this? Or would you leave right away?
Be Consistent
Finally, another one of the most common mistakes made by businesses is to fail to be consistent. They will create a Facebook group, and then simply not post into it for months on end. This means that when someone enters the group for the first time, they will think it is abandoned, or they will believe that the company simply isn’t interesting enough to be worth following. That does not exactly incentivize them to sign up themselves!
As such then, you should make sure that you are not only posting interesting things, but also posting often enough that your group appears to be a hub of activity.

To Your Success.

James MoField

Published by James MoField

Freelancer, Marketer, Investor, Director of Digital Products Acquisition and CEO.

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